EXPO is an online community of consumers who share their unbiased, honest opinions in video through various word of mouth programs with their peers and brands. They have come together to have some fun, get rewarded and share their opinion with brands and help other consumers just like them make educated purchasing decisions. After all, who doesn’t love earning rewards for telling people what they think and connecting people just like them!

This is another great site for product reviews and the chance to get free products in exchange for your honest reviews on them. Here is some information on that part of EXPO.

Each and every Tryology Program is unique and designed to match the sponsor’s needs and objectives. The best way to ensure that you are being considered for Tryology Programs is to complete your profile by telling us about yourself. Invitations for upcoming programs are sent to members based on the information provided within their profiles. For example, if a major diaper brand is looking to send a new product out for testing, they will most likely want to talk to moms. So, we will notify all members that have told us they are moms about this upcoming program. The more we know about you, the better the chance you’ll get invited for a Tryology Program.

Click here to join now 


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